A note from the Editor

It’s an honor and privilege for me to welcome you to the home of My Hustle Magazine. A motivational business magazine aimed at sharing winning entrepreneurial stories and business opportunities! 

I feel blessed and grateful to be alive, that’s an opportunity for me to make a positive difference in the lives of entrepreneurs. I had the pleasure of serving in the corporate world for over twenty years in various industries, from junior to management level. I also experienced the SME’s entrepreneurial journey and got to understand the challenges they face on a daily basisMy biggest commitment and passion are mostly in SME development. 

My Hustle Magazine connects both SME’s and large corporates on one digital platform, one home for both worlds. We decided to distribute the digital magazine freely to all entrepreneurs in PDF format, ensuring accessibility to all businesses from both new and established brands 

SME’s contributes a lot towards the country’s economy and creating employment opportunities for many. My Hustle Magazine aims at providing informational resources to help support and equip the SME’s with latest business trends, guides and updates.  

Remember, each day you live, is an opportunity for you to do what you’re called to do. This involves serving others in areas that you’re gifted in. Your deepest passion from inside you, that’s exactly what the world is waiting to receive. You carry seeds from within that are meant to produce plenty of fruits. 

As an entrepreneur, your role is to serve others who need your product or service.  

My Hustle Magazine is the home of entrepreneurs, with all the online business information at their fingertips! 

Let’s join hands and travel this life-changing journey together! 

Stay blessed! 

Monica Seoketsa